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Fine Art Posters

Original photography by Terence Waeland is now available as stylish, mounted posters as well as high-quality canvasses.

The fine art photo posters have a white border, a title and a signature printed at the bottom right-hand corner.

The posters and canvasses both combine a contemporary appearance with strength and durability, the former having a protective matt laminate, when mounted, and the latter finished with museum-grade varnish.



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ID2 Design Photographic Fine Art Travel Posters

Terence Waeland is an award-winning travel photographer with over 30 years’ experience, and his photography images from around the world can be viewed online and purchased from many major image libraries including Alamy, DesignPics and Corbis. He is now making available, for the first time ever, a selection of his best photographic work, in colour and black-and-white, as high-quality posters and canvasses. Printed to exacting standards, these fine art photography posters and canvasses demonstrate his unique perspective and framing of both everyday and spectacular scenes.


Photos currently include images from the former Soviet Union, Greece, Italy, Japan, the USA, Norway, Turkey, India, Spain, Belgium, France and the UK. Photographic subjects include stunning interior and exterior architectural details, historic or modern (the latter often printed in monochrome or duotone-effect); panoramas of impressive Nature scenes, with sweeping landscapes and dramatic skies; unusual close-ups of birds and animals; the patterns and symmetry found in both natural and man-made objects; the colourful glories of stained-glass windows, fireworks and much more.


These travel photography posters and canvasses reflect Terence Waeland’s commercial background as a graphic designer, and their original style and choice of subjects will complement and enhance a variety of rooms and interiors, modern or traditional.


More posters and canvasses will be added to this collection in the near future, so watch this space!